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Mobile Content soon to become 1st Priority to Site Development

Site development can be a complex planning task. With mobile devices like phones and tablets emerging the current market sooner than later development planning will also change. Site design is becoming more responsive while smaller is becoming demanded compared to 4 years ago when companies were designing larger schemas. Condensing your sites presentation and tailoring it to your visitors rather capabilities or content is crucial to your company or organizations success as a whole. Change with the change!

We can bet that the fluctuation in development will forever be, as long as technology continues to present us with advancements that change the way users use and experience the net.


Oct 5 Foxes in Hayward – Mugzi & Work Dirty live COME THROUGH!


Friday October 5 its goin’ down at Foxes Lounge in Hayward. Work Dirty an Mugzi is performing live plus other opening acts like Ty’Quan and more.

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XSLT – will XML get the best of me?

Im on a new project at work involving Ingeniux’s CMS,  programming xslt stylesheets to format XML rendered by the program. If I’m lucky I will have formatted an entire site within 1 stylesheet. My biggest concern is referencing nodes correctly as well as getting the functions to execute properly. I have two projects to kick out within two months. I am excited for the challenge and also pray for ease this week as I travel to Seattle for a conference.

I will give you the scoop on how it went when I return. The eve nt, the 1st Ingeniux User Conference will host two tracks marketing and development. Perfect for several in my department who will also attend and great for me being the only developer and new to this CMS in particular.

– Akita

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Man… This is some of the best new’s I’ve heard all freggin’ year!

By Gerrick D. Kennedy
September 19, 2012, 2:28 p.m.
See the original article here!

Nas and Ms. Lauryn Hill have shared the stage plenty since their 1996 single, “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That),” became a hip-hop classic.

Now the two iconic hip-hop acts will share the stage for a joint fall outing, their first together, dubbed the Life Is Good/Black Rage tour, it was announced on Wednesday.

The tour will launch Oct. 6 in Columbia, Md., with Nas doing a patch of solo shows before Hill joins him in Dallas on Oct. 29.

Southland fans will have to road trip if they want to see the pair. The only scheduled stop in the Golden State is Oakland on Nov. 19, the last of the joint dates. Continue reading

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I’m a fan!

The WordPress Android app go hard! I’m a fan. Im one who spends approximately 9+ hours on the computer… Heck im a web developer and my job can get intense. When i get off work a computer is the last thing on my agenda and having my tools at my hands is important. The WordPress app lets me post to my blog via my Samsung Galaxy 3S. How exciting you may be saying… For me its like handing me the remote to the world server or so mething! Being able to blog on the spot has its perks and twerks.

I’m excited I have no limitations to blogging with this new WordPress app.

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Youtube Moves its API and Discussion Groups to ‘Stack Overflow’

Super cool. One of the most used support forums for developers, ‘Stack Overflow’ has a new tenant.’s Drew Olanoff mentioned how unusual it was to see Youtube spawn away from Google Groups. I agree. You usually do not see large entities like Youtube (owned by Google) move away from its own parent but I believe this was a great choice on the part of Google. Stack Overflow is becoming somewhat a standard in developer support forums. I, an active and full-time Web Developer use it quit often. The move shows Google’s maturity and shows how easy it is for them to set the standard in their market.

Exciting I say! Go with the standard and move with the trends all at once. This move not only shows Google’s support of the Stack Overflow initiative, it also proves how important support and API management is. Great choice Google! Developers working with Youtube will find it helpful the information delivered easily available.

– Akita

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