Youtube Moves its API and Discussion Groups to ‘Stack Overflow’

Super cool. One of the most used support forums for developers, ‘Stack Overflow’ has a new tenant.’s Drew Olanoff mentioned how unusual it was to see Youtube spawn away from Google Groups. I agree. You usually do not see large entities like Youtube (owned by Google) move away from its own parent but I believe this was a great choice on the part of Google. Stack Overflow is becoming somewhat a standard in developer support forums. I, an active and full-time Web Developer use it quit often. The move shows Google’s maturity and shows how easy it is for them to set the standard in their market.

Exciting I say! Go with the standard and move with the trends all at once. This move not only shows Google’s support of the Stack Overflow initiative, it also proves how important support and API management is. Great choice Google! Developers working with Youtube will find it helpful the information delivered easily available.

– Akita


2 thoughts on “Youtube Moves its API and Discussion Groups to ‘Stack Overflow’

  1. I love it Kitah : ) very nice work you have done…

  2. I love it all gyal! Great work : )

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