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EASY FIX: Firefox Anchor Links don’t work in 23.0.1

I stumbled upon this url when looking for a resolution to the anchor tag issue in Firefox. I was working vastly on a schedule of events for the University I work at and ran into an issue with all browser anchor links working except for Firefox.

After reviewing this post on CSS-Tricks, this easily solved my issue. If you are ever faced with an issue where your anchor tags aren’t working in any browsers, in my case, I was drawing my page in using an <iframe> and my source page was on a different server with a different dns. My console pulled up the issue which showed me that my issue was my dns, ports and folders – which all have to be stored on the same server in order for the anchor to reference the domain correctly for the anchors.

After moving my files over to the same hosted dns, all browsers anchors worked with no issue. Skipping to a new day on the calendar/schedule was easy, however, Firefox still did not want to function correctly. After finding this article, i used it’s suggestion. I used <style=”display: inline-block;”> as an inline style and it worked!

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