AngularJS and Beyond the API

At my current organization we are making use of AngularJS on the client side and using it with .net classes which bind a pretty seamless and robust api pulling in data from sources like MSSQL an PostGres. Because we need gis data in huge payloads, we are making use of the GeoJson PostGres is alloting to use. Our PostGres db is linked an talking to our Esri software which is already data intense being it contains points associated with gis coords and even kml renderings.

In this manner, AngularJS has proven to be as powerful as it can be. Utilizing resources and services with the build, we have erected a pretty strong data layer that is completely seperated from the front-end of our app. Therefore, the client side of the app can live anywhere on the web and utilize simple connection strings in our case housed in our web.config file to connect over a secure connection.

Im excited to see where and what else I can do in AngularJS in terms of big data and resource utilization. Stay tuned for more angular goodness here at my blog.


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