Welcome to my WordPress blog.

With nearly 10 years of experience in web and graphic design, I presently work as a Web Developer at a popular University in California. I graduated with my Masters Degree from Colorado Technical University’s online program in June of 2012 with a Masters in IT Management. I received my Bachelors Degree from the same university in 2008 in Business IT.

Prior to my degree(s), I worked at several technology companies including Apple and Intel holding down several positions from Data Technician to Desktop Support Analyst. In early 2009 I opened a small IT Lab in Downtown Sacramento called CalWest Creative Media Services, Inc. we specialized in everything from multi-media design to web development and marketing. Due to the struggles in the economy it was of my best interest to close the doors on the company.

Today, I’m enjoying a fun career in a great and growing environment. I can not say that the higher-ed industry does not struggle because with CalGrant’s being cut, financing in the University sector is scarce.

These days I spend my time with my 6-year old son, and fiance. I pride myself around family as well as enjoying fun times alone with the love of my life somewhere on the beach or on a scenic drive along 101. My days are filled with various technical elements. If I’m not researching new and emerging web trends, I’m producing strong hand coded JavaScript and XHTML apps. I see my career moving towards mobile as mobile is a new technology focus of its own.

My preferred coding languages are: HTML, PHP, JS, ASP, XHTML, CSS, ASP.NET, PL. Looking forward to learning more advance techniques in XSLT and ASP.NET as the year ends. Feel free to email me direct at: le_nichols@yahoo.com


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