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Hip-Hop Lives! On the underground…

I woke up this morning thinking heck, I haven’t heard a good slapper in a minute. I’d be satisfied to hear a hit joint from 50Cent or Fabolous or Ludacris an Snoop. Even big names like these have slowed the pace. I thought to myself? Listening to artists like E-40, J-Stalin, Holle-S, Mugzi, Kosha Dillz, ProfessorX an his TME camp to name some examples – all underground but worth the listen. All pioneers respected for their own contribution to rap but on an underground hip-hop level. Yes, Rap should always influence hip-hop but in my opinion the media has seperated the two.

I can listen to all those names and suffice my listening pleasure for hours but tuning my dial to our local hip-hop station would deliver me what the media calls hip-hop and rap and so far im not sold. I havent bought a .mp3 in years let alone an album via iTunes. Im not impressed and not supporting wack rappers and their contracts with the radio.

Hip-Hop Lives… On the Underground scene. Its true. I respect individuals like Tavis Miller who founded currently is producing the West Coast Hip-Hop Awards… My guy Rich Wing and the Sacramento SolCollective organization who brings underground rap to all ages out there in Sactown. D.Labrie heads the Bay Area Hip-Hop Congress… These individuals are doing a lot for underground hip-hop and helping the unheard get heard because as long as these rappers are getting money the media will find a way to get their cut on behalf of their dream to be a lyricists/emcee. The question is who are the real pimps in the rap game. The ones handing out checks if you ask me.

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Oct 5 Foxes in Hayward – Mugzi & Work Dirty live COME THROUGH!


Friday October 5 its goin’ down at Foxes Lounge in Hayward. Work Dirty an Mugzi is performing live plus other opening acts like Ty’Quan and more.

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Man… This is some of the best new’s I’ve heard all freggin’ year!

By Gerrick D. Kennedy
September 19, 2012, 2:28 p.m.
See the original article here!

Nas and Ms. Lauryn Hill have shared the stage plenty since their 1996 single, “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That),” became a hip-hop classic.

Now the two iconic hip-hop acts will share the stage for a joint fall outing, their first together, dubbed the Life Is Good/Black Rage tour, it was announced on Wednesday.

The tour will launch Oct. 6 in Columbia, Md., with Nas doing a patch of solo shows before Hill joins him in Dallas on Oct. 29.

Southland fans will have to road trip if they want to see the pair. The only scheduled stop in the Golden State is Oakland on Nov. 19, the last of the joint dates. Continue reading

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